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Rift for Infinite Campus

Allows Infinite Campus users to enjoy a better user interface and more functions then the 1st party Infinite Campus app.
Added Functionality includes:

  • Hide Grades
  • More Features to Track Assignments
  • Inbox & Message Viewer
  • Grade Trends
  • Planner Features
  • GPA Calculator
  • With More Features Coming Soon

Ease Attendance

Ease Attendance, a free and simple way to automatically track participants’ attendance within Zoom meetings. After just a few minutes of setup, you will never have to worry about manually checking if or when participants arrive again. All you will have to do is either upload a roster of students or create a class by importing participants from a Zoom meeting and our organized online dashboard will detail exactly who attended your meeting and the time at which they arrived.

About Us

We are a group of high schoolers trying to make solutions for problems we face.

School Scope was established with the idea of assisting students and educators all across the world. Our first app, Ease Attendance, was a Zoom plug-in for educators that gave teachers a list of students that had attended class without ever having to call out individual names. As of today Ease Attendance has been used by over 1,000 teacher and has impacted over 20,000 students.

  • By students, for students
  • Made in California

The School Scope team is currently working on Rift, an app for students utilizing Infinite Campus that gives students more functionality than the current Infinite Campus app. Some examples of Rift's increased functionality include grade trends, a GPA calculator, robust assignment tracking, and much, much more. Rift is available to download on the iOS App store and Google Play Store.

  • Free services
  • Software to support you

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Our Team

Our Team

Varun Chituri

Lead iOS Developer

Aditya Patel

Lead Andriod Developer

Devan Velji

Operations & Marketing

Vasudev Vinod

iOS Developer

Rithwik Vaidun

Web Developer

Sunny Chadha


Aditya Deshpande


Thrishla Dedhia



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